Enrollment Form For English (909) 786-8929, For Spanish (909) 270-9237
Released Time Christian Education takes responsibility of the children  by signing them out through the front office and walking them back after class.
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      I request that my child be released from school by the proper authorities to attend Bible instruction in appropriate facilities off the school grounds under the supervision of the Released Time Board.  I understand that my child may be released for 45 minutes per week as permitted by the state education code #46014.

     I further understand that my child will be covered by insurance carried by Released Time Christian Education and I waive all claims against the School district or the State of California for injury, accident, illness, or death occurring during or by reason of the Released Time Christian Education participation.

    I give permission for my child to be photographed with the Released Time class for promotional purposes.  (brochures, newsletter, flyers)
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There are no health issues which may impact my child while in your care?
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State Education Code and School District policy

California State Education code #46014 allows parents to take their children out of school for 1 hour a week for religious and moral instruction. Released Time Christian Education may be designated to provide that class for your child/children. This requires a signature from a parent or guardian. Released Time Bible Education works with Ontario-Montclair School District under approved Board Policy. Ontario Montclair School District does not sponsor, endorse, investigate or evaluate the program or the program’s staff or facilities. The children will not be under the protection of the OMSD during transit to and from or during the actual released time education. Released Time Christian Education carries insurance on all students who are enrolled by their parents.

In the event of a lockdown, medical emergency, or other emergency situation the children will be in the care of the religious organization, not the school district. To facilitate communication with parents and guardians, the religious organization will each day provide to the school an emergency contact name and phone number that can be reached in the event an emergency occurs.


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