Released Time Christian Education
Free Bible Classes for Students in 4th-6th Grade Classrooms

For further information contact Barry at 909-786-8929 or email at
 For assistance in Spanish contact Veronica at 909 270-9237

The shuttle bus will be used as a mobile classroom.
Children will not be driven anywhere on the bus.
Space will be limited to 24 seats.

Content - Teachers use a variety of methods to teach the Bible lessons. Students learn from Bible songs; object lessons; worksheets and memory verse games. Released Time students participate in a Bible Verse Contest and have the opportunity to attend a week of Bible camp in the summer.
Textbook - Each classroom is supplied with Bibles and students are taught why the Bible is unique and how to use it. The classes establish a high moral standard and strong character development based on the Bible which is in addition to the moral and ethical values taught in the regular school program. Students learn the biblical account of many historical events using both the Old Testament and New Testament. The curriculum develops a relationship with God and respect for parents, teachers and peers.
Classrooms - Classes meet in mobile classrooms that park next to the school or at churches near schools.

State Education Code and School District policy
California State Education code #46014 allows parents to take their children out of school for 1 hour a week for religious and moral instruction. Released Time Christian Education may be designated to provide that class for your child/children. This requires a signature from a parent or guardian. Released Time Bible Education works with Ontario-Montclair School District under approved Board Policy. Ontario Montclair School District does not sponsor, endorse, investigate or evaluate the program or the program’s staff or facilities. The children will not be under the protection of the OMSD during transit to and from or during the actual released time education. Released Time Christian Education carries insurance on all students who are enrolled by their parents.
In the event of a lockdown, medical emergency, or other emergency situation the children will be in the care of the religious organization, not the school district. To facilitate communication with parents and guardians, the religious organization will each day provide to the school an emergency contact name and phone number that can be reached in the event an emergency occurs.